A Timeless Character

A terrific tribute to a truly timeless character 🙂

Realm of Thought

Because I love movies, and I love the Spiderman series, I’d like to write about the masked vigilante in ‘The Amazing Spider-Man’, which is a great movie (I’ve just watched it). And another thing, I also love Andrew Garfield (first admired him in ‘The Social Network’ as Eduardo Saverin and his movie Never Let Me Go) and Emma Stone (fascinatingly charming in Easy A and The Rocker).

Getting back to the movie, people are wondering why Spider-man was rebooted (from the version played by Tobey Maguire), and even some would think that this is a continuation of the Spider-Man Trilogy of Sam Ramai’s work (Spider-Man 4 as they say). As I’ve read from articles about this reboot last year, they (the people behind the film) want Spider-Man to be as close to the comics’ story line. And that Ramai’s vision of Spiderman is just far from it. And also Spider-Man 3 ended…

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