Eyes on the Enterprise – Star Trek Into Darkness review

Hats off to Mr Abrams!



By Simon Miraudo
May 6, 2013

There’s a lot to like about Star Trek Into DarknessJ.J. Abrams‘ second foray into the cosmos aboard the once-rickety USS Enterprise – and even quite a bit to love. At times, it’s got swagger that rivals Captain James Tiberius Kirk’s own. Elsewhere, however, the screenplay’s cold Vulcan logic becomes apparent (particularly when it rips-off, nearly wholesale, emotional cues that have proven effective in previous instalments, or, as in the opening sequence, Raiders of the Lost Ark). More a case of self-cannibalisation than plagiarism, it remains a magnificently orchestrated spectacle.

The movie begins with the aforementioned Spielbergian tribute (with furious alien natives in hot pursuit of our heroes, as opposed to a boulder); a Starfleet mission gone awry that sees Captain Kirk (Chris Pine, slowly morphing into William Shatner‘s shape, or maybe the projection in my cinema was…

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