Trailer: The Babadook

This trailer alone is enough to give you a sleepless night!

La La Film

Babadook PosterWord of advice: do not show this to your children, for your own sake. The Babadook goes back to basics, exploring the myth of the monster that hides in the closet. The Babadook is a fictional character in a children’s book that is left on the doorstep of a single mother. Spooky enough, but this is a horror film and that doesn’t stop her reading it to her young boy. Cue things coming to life, terrorising the family and generally causing some very unpleasant nuisance. Standard.

Sat his name three times and The Babadook will show himself from 24th October across the UK.

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Urban Legends

Ghost Cities

We’ve all heard them, the stories that are alleged to have happened to a ‘friend of a friend’ of someone whom we know. Folklorists use the term ‘urban legend’ to describe such tales in order to distinguish them from traditional fairy tales from pre-industrial times, although the two story forms have much in common. Like any other story they have a cast of characters and a beginning, middle and end. They often serve as cautionary tales but are presented in a compelling format due to the utilisation of such elements as mystery, horror, fear and (often dark) humour. Nevertheless they are at heart still morality tales that depict someone acting in a disagreeable manner, only to wind up in trouble, hurt, or dead by way of comeuppance. Many urban legends depict horrific crimes or frightening supernatural occurrences e.g. the story of a woman killed by spiders nesting in her elaborate hairdo; the ‘kidney heist’ story…

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