India: Caves, Caves, and More Caves in Ajanta and Ellora

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Brooklyn Meets Bombay

Back in December, we took a few days to go to the famous Ajanta and Ellora caves in Maharastra (the same state Mumbai is in, about 6 hours away). Unfortunately, in order to visit the caves the best place to stay is in the city of Aurangabad, which is really not a very nice place. There are very few good hotel options and it seemed that the few affordable places with good reviews were booked so we ended up in a pretty depressing place (this was after we switched hotels) near the local cinema.

The first day we headed out to Ajanta, which is the farther of the two, about 2 hours outside of Aurangabad. Ajanta is a group of 29 Buddhist caves built in 200 and 600 BCE. They were accidentally rediscovered in 1819 by British officer who was hunting a tiger (ah, those were the days). They are…

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