Lords of Midsummer

Here’s to midsummer!

Fabulous Realms

The festival centered upon the summer solstice – known as Midsummer Day or Litha – was an auspicious time for ancient peoples. It was at Midsummer that the Holly King, God of the Waning Year, was believed to encounter and vanquish the Oak King, thereby succeeding in usurping the reign of the year. In Celtic mythology the lord of summer ruled the light half of the year and was a young God, fresh and child-like in many ways. He was often depicted much like the Green Man or the Lord of the Forest, covered in greenery and made to look as though the top of his head was an oak tree, hence giving rise to his alternative moniker of the Oak King. The Oak King represented fertility, life, growth and opportunity and is thus linked with several legendary figures associated with nature and rebirth, such as Robin Hood, the Norse god Balder, the…

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Hello world!

Hi All,

Just a few words of introduction to my new blog, which is dedicated to the finer things in life, like art, music, literature and the silver screen.

I freely admit that you won’t see a lot of original content on here but what you will find is the very best articles, reviews and blog posts from WordPress and all over the web (in my own humble opinion of course).

I hope that you’ll join me on my journey. To quote Meatloaf, “life is just a highway and the soul is just a car”.

Happy Trails 🙂